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What is Transformers Armada about?
In 2010 Armada follows the latest battle in the war between the Autobots and Decepticons as the two sides race to gain the allegiance of a newly discovered race of Transformers known as Mini-Cons. Much smaller than either the regular Transformers, the Mini-Cons can connect to their large counterparts granting them new abilities. Each Mini-Con enhances the power of a Transformer exponentially. Our only chance for a peaceful cosmos is for Optimus Prime and the Autobots to defeat their enemies and free all Mini-Cons.

Actors: Paul Dobson, Gary Chalk, Kirby Morrow, Mark Acheson, Tabitha St. Germain, David Kaye, Jim Conrad, Alvin Sanders, Dale Wilson, Tony Sampson, Brian Dobson, Michael Daingerfield, Ward Perry, Samuel Vincent, Doug Parker, Matt Hill, Michael Dobson, Scott McNeil, Andrew Franc
Genre: Animation
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Season 1 of Transformers Armada

    Episode 3: Base  
    Episode 4: Comrade  
    Episode 5: Soldier  
    Episode 6: Jungle  
    Episode 7: Carnival  
    Episode 8: Palace  
    Episode 11: Ruin  
    Episode 13: Swoop  
    Episode 15: Gale  
    Episode 18: Trust  
    Episode 22: Vow  
    Episode 24: Chase  
    Episode 26: Link Up  
    Episode 30: Runaway  
    Episode 35: Rescue  
    Episode 36: Mars  
    Episode 37: Crack  
    Episode 39: Crisis  
    Episode 40: Remorse  
    Episode 41: Depart  
    Episode 42: Miracle  
    Episode 43: Puppet  
    Episode 45: Dash  
    Episode 46: Drift  
    Episode 47: Portent  
    Episode 48: Cramp  
    Episode 50: Union  
    Episode 51: Origin  
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