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Watch Transformers Armada online: Episode 32 The Past (Part 2)

The show starts off with a flashback showing us that Megatron comes to Wheeljack's rescue. Wheeljack shoots Hot Shot as an act of revenge. He cloaks and leaves. Hot Shot asks, ""Why Wheeljack, Why"". At the Autobot Base, Hot Shot is in the repair room. Sideswipe enters the room, and explains that he carried Hot Shot back to the base after the Decepticon left. Changing rooms, we see Blurr talking with Optimus. He says whoever did that to Hot Shot was not skilled in firing at close range. Optimus is shocked by what Blurr said. Back to the repair room, where Hot Shot disbeleives that Wheeljack is a Decepticon. Hot Shot has the vision of Wheeljack and his past. He was going to get help during the inferno, but he didn't go in to rescue Wheeljack. Back to a different room, Optimus says that he took Hot Shot into his group because of what happened with Wheeljack. Prime said that Hot Shot has to face his past head-on. At the repair room Sideswipe tells Hot Shot the same thing Optimus said to Blu

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