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Watch Transformers Armada online: Episode 30 Runaway

The battle fought recently has brought forth the Requiem Blaster, and the accompanying Mini-Con team, but some of the Mini-Cons in this battle do not want to fight. On the moon, Mini-Cons work on Megatron and Tidal Wave while the other Decepticons look on. Thrust visits him in the throne room, and promises he will not fail in their most recent plan. Back at the Autobot base, Alexis comments on how the Autobots are now fighting over the use of the Requiem Blaster. Jetfire and Hot Shot convince many of the other Autobots that they should use the blaster to defeat the Decepticons. Meanwhile, Rad, Billy and Fred walk with the new Mini-Con team, speaking of running away. Rad comments on how the Mini-Cons don't want to be used in this battle, and the children are helping them escape both the Autobots and Decepticons. Carlos and Alexis wait outside with their bikes, and the group leaves together. Thrust stands at a computer terminal, and uses the earth based satellite system to search the pla

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