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Watch Transformers Armada online: Episode 2 Metamorphosis

The two bullies remain trapped in the cave as Optimus and Megatron duke it out for possession of the Mini-Con that the children have collected. They run, only to be cut off by two more robots who appear just as Megatron did. Those two robots are then surprised by two more... both with Autobot symbols emblazoned on them. The children manage to escape, and Megatron is distracted long enough for Optimus to lay a blow on Megatron that knocks him the ground. The Decepticons retreat from battle, to a crashed ship portion on the moon. Another Decepticon, who is introduced as Cyclonus, is assigned to finding the ancient Mini-Con starship that crashed on the moon. The children hide in a cave, where they come to realize the robots are after their new friend. After a brief discussion, they follow the Mini-Con deeper into the cave, where they are closed into the working remnants of the Mini-con spaceship. Rad walks up to the central computer terminal, activating it with a touch... and the computer

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