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Watch Transformers Armada online: Episode 8 Palace

A Tribeswoman legend contains truth about a Mini-Con found in the Sahara desert many years ago, and a race has begun to find it. Cyclonus stands guard in the desert, and accidentally fires on Cyclonus as he comes in to report his lack of success... and when he takes off we find the Autobots in their base leaving from the activation of the Mini-Con alert. After a brief explanation that the 'bots should listen to the children because of their knowledge of desert areas, Demolishor fires on their position. The Autobots and Mini-Cons cant transform to vehicle mode (no traction in the sand), and when Hot Shot gets cocky and stands up to attack the camouflaged Decepticon, he fires, and Prime only manages to save him by a short second delay. The children find Demolishor as they sneak around from the side, but when Demolishor continues to fire, he loosens the sand in his area and the dune begins to sink into the sand. The children begin to fall in too as Demolishor radios the Decepticon moonbas

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