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Watch Transformers Armada online: Episode 17 Conspiracy

The Autobots are being repaired by their Mini-Cons while the children watch on. After losing the Star Sabre to the Decpeticons, they have begun losing battles left and right. When Billy and Fred make note of that, the other children scold them, and the Autobots moral continues to drop. The Decepticons rally at their moonbase, and gloat over the consistant gain of new Mini-Cons (of which the Street Speed Team, the remaining Destruction Team, Swindle and what appears to be Rollbar are shown) due to the Star Sabre. When Starscream gets overconfident and cocky against Demolishor, Scavenger comments on his lack of respect. Demolishor asks Scavenger to share with him some strategic info on how to defeat Starscream, but he would have nothing of it... and when the other Decepticons are asked about the matter, they dont want to take sides in a conflict amoungst the group. Back on Earth, Hot Shot is feeling pretty low about the loss of the Air Defence Mini-Cons as he sits near the Autobot base.

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