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Watch Transformers Armada online: Episode 52 Mortal Combat

Powerlinx Optimus and Galvatron begin their final battle inside Unicron. The battle is soon interupted, as Unicron revives from their hatred for each other! Because the Autobots and the Decepticons hate each other from the war, his power continues to grow, and he comes back to life to fill the world with his evil and torment. The others are awaiting Optimus's safe return from his mission, but Hot Shot must make a command: attack the revived Unicron, or wait for their leader to come back. He decides to mobilize the troops for one last attack on Unicron. Optimus and Galvatron continue fighting to the death, but honor each other as equal Transformer Warriors. But Unicron is starting to break apart! In his last resort attack, Unicron opens up a large black hole within his body. Galvatron wants to let go, but Optimus wants to save him. Galvatron sacrifices his life and he says just as his life ends, the Autobots have won the war, and Unicron can not return from the loss of evil in the unive

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