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Watch Transformers Armada online: Episode 19 Vacation

The Channel 4 Weather crew is reporting from a camping/forest recreational area. A noisy kid runs through the cameras view...... cut to ""intro"" Alexis riding Sureshock to the base presumably, commenting on how a vacation and some R & R would be nice. Cut to the base.... Scavenger and Hot Shot are engaged in training, Scavenger easily pins Hot Shot.... ALARM! Could it be a Mini-Con? The Autobot crew rushes to the launch gate. Optimus then announces there is no Mini-Con to be found, but they are going on a camping trip for some R & R. Alexis had not been notified, and arguing ensues amongst the kids. Alexis chooses to stay behind instead of going with her friends. Cut to the Decepticon Moonbase - Megatron insists on starting Decepticon 1 on 1 training, while he wields the Star Sabre. He searches for a volunteer, but chooses Sideways after he makes a comment about he should have stayed with the Autobots. A chase ensues.... Red Alert and Smokescreen are creekside, while the kids play in th

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