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Watch Transformers Armada online: Episode 31 The Past (Part 1)

Hot Shot begins having a flashback. We see Hot Shot trying to save Wheeljack's life. Amidst the fire we see Wheeljack telling Hot Shot to not leave him. But Hot Shot says he'll be back with help. When Hot Shot tries to get back through to help Wheeljack he was punched out by another Autobot. Sideswipe arrives and reports in to commander Blurr. Blurr, seeing Sideswipe and hearing ‘Commander Blurr' can't remember him. Hot Shot is angry with all this flashback business. Sideswipe is still trying to get Blurr to remember him. He tells the kids and other Bots present that Blurr was aiming a rifle the ropes he was tied up in. But Sideswipe is obsessed with getting Blurr to remember. Blurr keeps trying to get away from Sideswipe which to no avail fails. We see a flashback to Cybertron where Blurr is aiming and preparing to fire at the ropes. But Sideswipe bugs Blurr to the point where he is almost left there. When Blurr frees Sideswipe he leaves and Sideswipe tried to thank him but Blurr was

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