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Watch Transformers Armada online: Episode 7 Carnival

The Science Fair has come to town, and while the festivities commence we find the Autobots and children at the Autobot base. While Red Alert and Optimus begin repairs on some equipment, Hot Shot takes a small break with Rad and Carlos to show off his wrench twirling skills, learned from a Western he saw on the human television. They really enjoy his show, but when Optimus berates Hot Shot and tells him to get back to work, the two are left alone. Being bored, they decide to leave their cleaning efforts at the base behind and head for the carnival! Before leaving, Carlos and Rad are confronted by Alexis and Sureshock, and while she works on finding another Mini-Con, the two leave with Grindor and Highwire for the science fair. Meanwhile, the Decepticons are seen fixing up their own base with similiar repairs to that of the Autobots. Upon arriving at the fair, Rad and Carlos find themselves trying to keep the Mini-Cons from revealing themselves to the public, especially Billy and Fred, w

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