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Watch Transformers Armada online: Episode 33 Sacrifice

The Autobots and The Decepticons battle in a forest, which is part of Thrust's plan. His plan is to get the Requiem Blaster from Optimus, but they have to draw the Autobots out of their hiding spot in order to get it. But Thrust and the other Decepticons didn't know that the three MiniCons that make the Requiem Blaster is in the Autobot Base, where Smokescreen is guarding them. As the children look at the screen, the camera seems to be going crazy, caused by...Sideways. Holding the Star Saber, Starscream tries to get Optimus out, but Optimus and Jetfire powerlinks into Jet Convoy mode. Starscream yells for Cyclonus and Shockwave (or Tidal Wave) as backup, but he later knows that the Decepticons abandoned him. The Children later know that the Decepticons are invading the Autobot base again, this time...To get the Requiem Blaster. They knocked down the door that leads to the room where Smokescreen and the three Mini-Cons are in. The Autobots were busy with the other Decepticons, th

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