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What is Peace Maker Kurogane about?
Tetsunosuke Ichimura has always been upset about his short stature. After he sees his parents being murdered by a Choushuu assassin right in front of him, he vows with all his heart to become strong enough to take revenge on their killer. It is now 1864, the first year of Genji. Tetsunosuke, now 15, heads to the headquarters of the Shinsengumi with his older brother Tatsunosuke, looking to join the historical group to fulfill his dreams of getting stronger. Little does he realize what he is about to experience by doing so, for in order to join this army, one must forego his humanity and become a demon. Opening Theme "You Gonna Feel" by HAV Ending Theme "Hey Jimmy" by HAV Some of the episodes guide were taken from ***(

Actors: Yuka Imai, Jouji Nakata, Masashi Ebara, Takashi Matsuyama, Junichi Suwabe, Kenji Nomura, Mitsuki Saiga, Norihiro Inoue, Yumiko Kobayashi, Yuji Ueda, Yûko Nagashima, Takahiro Sakurai, Vic Mignogna, Mikako Takahashi, Kappei Yamaguchi

Season 1 of Peace Maker Kurogane

    Episode 1: Sakura  
    Episode 2: Zeal  
    Episode 3: Crimson  
    Episode 4: Shadow  
    Episode 5: Moon  
    Episode 6: Fight  
    Episode 7: Suzu  
    Episode 8: Love  
    Episode 9: Dragon  
    Episode 10: Hidden  
    Episode 11: Scheme  
    Episode 13: A Look  
    Episode 15: Song  
    Episode 16: Deceit  
    Episode 18: Rain  
    Episode 19: The Sky  
    Episode 20: Blade  
    Episode 22: Battle  
    Episode 23: Faith  
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