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Susumu got out of the river okay; his wounds are being treated by Ayumu. Tetsunosuke's being laughed at by Shinpachi, Sanosuke, and Heisuke for asking Hijikata directly for a katana. Seeing how insistent Tetsunosuke is, Heisuke gave him one of his Katanas. But it's too long and Tetsunosuke couldn't pull it out, and instead in broke it in half. Upon careful inspection, he realized that the sword is made of bamboo, only looked like a real katana from the outside. Upset at the bunch of them making fun of his feelings, Tetsunosuke chased them around the headquarters and accidentally hit Kondo in the head with the broken sword. Kondo, instead of getting mad at him, sent him on an errand to a festival to buy some kuroame (type of sweets). At the festival, Tetsunosuke met Saya and her friend, Hana. Hana bought all the kuroame before but she gave half of them to Tetsunosuke. Tetsunosuke learned that Hana's parents were also killed and they're all orphans. Tetsunosuke's attempting a hoop throwi

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