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Watch Peace Maker Kurogane online: Episode 21 Battle Formation

Tetsunosuke hid in his closet and kept having visions of what had happened at the abandoned house. Every time Tatsunosuke tried to open his closet door his hands got scratched. Souji felt sorry that he couldn't say anything to help. Hijikata's still interrogating Furutaka, and finally decided to threaten to kill him. Furutaka at this point caved and told Hijikata how they intend on setting fire to Kyoto. Hijikata cut him down and didn't end up killing him. In a shack at a wood cutting factory (what it looks like), Yoshida is talking to Miyabe about what had happened. Miyabe asked why Yoshida refused to go hide at the Feudal Lord's home; Yoshida replied that he didn't want to have to start from the beginning with the plans of the revolution. One of the Choshu soldiers walked in and told Miyabe that the meeting place had been set, and it's at Ikeda-ya. Back at the Shinsengumi Headquarters, all the soldiers are getting ready for the raids. Hijikata told Yamanami that Furutaka told them ev

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