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Watch Peace Maker Kurogane online: Episode 3 Crimson

Episode 3: Crimson Still aspiring to become an inspector, Tetsunosuke followed Susumu by dressing up as a girl to investigate Masuya. Susumu caught him and told Tetsunosuke that he is incompetent because he couldn't even complete a single task as a page, and told him to stay out of other people's business. Tetsunosuke, being very hurt from being called incompetent walked in front of Masuya while there were 3 roshis (wandering Samurai) bullying a little girl. They pulled their swords out, but Souji, Sano, and Shinpachi got there in time to help them get away. Souji led Tetsunosuke and the girl away through an ally, but there, one of the roshis attacked Souji while Tetsunosuke revealed Souji's name. Back in Shinsengumi headquarters, Susumu gave Hijikata a report of what happened while Tetsunosuke is kneeling outside. While talking to Souji, Tetsunosuke revealed that the person who attacked Souji was killed. Tetsunosuke was mortified after witnessing another murder, and blamed Souji for k

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