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Watch Peace Maker Kurogane online: Episode 6 Fight

Kondo is having an events competition for all Shinsengumi members while Hijikata is out on an errand. First event is the Spear competition, Sanosuke won easily. Tetsunosuke have no intention of participating in any of the events because he doesn't see the reason it would make him stronger. Second event is long distance race around the Mibu Temple. Winner gets Ayumu's custom Okoa (a japanese dish). As the race starts, Tetsunosuke is lying inside the dojo being bored as Souji walked in. Tetsunosuke asked for a training session with Souji, they're sparring with wooden swords instead of bamboo swords. During the match, Tetsunosuke asked Souji why did he choose to pick up the katana to fight and why does he want to be strong. Tetsunosuke, despite how much he wants to avenge his parents; he could not bring himself to kill a person. Souji explained that each person's reason are different, but give it plenty of thought before deciding. It's time for another one of the events, which is to race

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