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Watch Peace Maker Kurogane online: Episode 4 Shadow

Tetsunosuke got bored doing random housework that Hijikata had assigned him, so he decided to go to the dojo to train. There he met Heisuke who had just returned. Susumu was investigating recent fires that were being set, when Hijikata came to the conclusion that Yoshida was behind the fires and that he was the one organizing the Choshu in the revolution. While being punished by Hijikata for joining the training without permission, Tetsunosuke heard noises in the courtyard. He then saw Souji facing off with another person whom he thought was a Choshu spy. The person fought equally with Souji, and Tetsunosuke found out from Shinpachi and Sano that the person is actually Saitou who is the Captain of the 3rd Squad. Eager to learn more about the person who could fight equally with Souji, Tetsunosuke followed Saitou around the city. He learned that Saitou could see and feel the presence of dead people. He mentioned that Tetsunosuke had a shadow following him, but he could not talk to it bec

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