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Watch Peace Maker Kurogane online: Episode 7 Suzu

Both Tetsu and Tatsu are out to buy grocery for Shensengumi. Tetsu noticed a weapon shop and went inside and saying how he really want them cool looking swords. He then noticed a Wakizashi sword and wanted to but it but another boy named Suzu wanted it as well. They both argue and then when another customer came to stop them. Suzu hastly drew his sword and slash that person's sleeve by accident. Tatsu noticing what has happen quickly came in the shop and apologizing and blaming Tetsu for all that has happen. Well later in this chapter Tetsu noticed that he didn't have a Katana since he was part of the army.He went and asl Hijikata for a sword but he replied no. Souji was in this scene and he and Hijiakta went out for a walk. Souji ask him why he wouldn't let Tetsu have a sword. Hijikata said he was too young and Souji retorted that he was 9 when he picked up a sword. Souji knew that Hijikata doesn't want to create another demon. At the end of this chapter Susumu was on a mission but

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