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Watch Peace Maker Kurogane online: Episode 5 Moon

Tetsunosuke is doing more chores by orders of Hijikata. This time he's cleaning the dojo. Half way through he heard noises outside and met Yamanami Keisuke, the other Vice-chief of the Shinsengumi. Unlike Hijikata, Yamanami is very nice and personable. After finishing his work, Ayumu asked Tetsunosuke to go grocery shopping for her. On the streets, Tetsunosuke met the little girl that he saved before. He learned that she's a mute and her name is Saya. While talking to her, Tetsunosuke had a flashback of when his father took him to the temple and taught him that if they step back 3 steps away from the coin donation box, and throws the coin in, the percentage will be higher for their wishes to come true. Tetsunosuke took 10 steps away from the coin donation box and threw a coin in. Tetsunosuke then tells Saya that his father spoke a strange foreign language (English) and because of it, a xenophobic faction murdered him. Tetsunosuke's mother was also killed, leaving only him and his broth

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