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Watch Peace Maker Kurogane online: Episode 13 A Look

Tetsunosuke found out that Saya is working as a serving girl for Akesato at Shimabara; she is embarrassed and ran away. But Tetsunosuke caught her and told her that he missed her. Heisuke arranged a room for them to talk in. Meanwhile, Suzu is also in the same place requesting Akesato, but since she's with Yamanami she asked him to come back another time. But apparently he had an appointment with her in place of his sensei, Yoshida, so he decided to wait. While waiting he ran in the Tetsunosuke who was playing blindfolded tag with Saya, and invited Suzu to play too. In the other room, Yamanami and Akesato are talking about Saya and Tetsunosuke. Akesato revealed that Hana and Saya would turn 16 next year than they too will become like her. Tatsunosuke finally made it to Shimabara and he ran right past Yoshida. Meanwhile, Tetsunosuke and Saya are playing cards and Suzu is with them too. Tetsunosuke and Suzu finally learned each other's names and that they're both pages, but they couldn't

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