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What is Way Out about?
Welcome to the Way Out guide at TV Tome. ********************* Every week, host Roald Dahl would provide the opening and closing monologues, imparting such gems as this: "I have a maiden aunt in Norway who was actually rolled out of bed onto the floor 3 nights running, by a ghost. But then she lives in what was once a very old trysting place. About 400 years ago, they bricked up a naughty girl in the wall of that room: that sort of thing always produces a ghost. If your wife is extremely delicate, and you tickle her to death, that will produce a ghost, too-- so you have to be careful. We have another one for you next week at the same time. Good night and sleep well."

Actors: Roald Dahl

Season 1 of Way Out

    Episode 14: 20/20  
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