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Watch Way Out online: Episode 2 The Down Car

John Ventry and Mr. Bayle were Navy buddies; after they got out, they went into business together. Although they were pals, John Ventry wasn't much good at business; in fact, his gambling debts-- which he charged to their company-- almost forces them into bankruptcy. Bayle winds up shooting Ventry, and leaving a phony suicide note next to the body. But Bayle is haunted by Ventry. Bayle is in the top-story office one night when he starts hearing eerie noises and voices; Bayle tries to escape by taking the elevator down, but it plunges to the basement. When the elevator door opens, Bayle is greeted by his dead buddy John Ventry. [the ending is vaguely reminiscent of the Famous Ghost Story, about the personification of Death saying ""There's room for one more"" to a person about to board the elevator-- just before the elevator crashes. It was the theme of the Twilight Zone episode ""Twenty-Two"" which was broadcast Feb. 10, 1961.]

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