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Watch Way Out online: Episode 7 False Face

Handsome actor Michael Drake has been cast as Quasimodo in a production of ""The Hunchback of Notre Dame."" Drake goes slumming, and at a flophouse picks up a bum with an ugly face; Drake offers him $50 to come to his dressing room, so Drake can copy his ugly face via make-up. Once he has no further need of the bum, Drake dismisses him. Drake is also rude to his costar and girlfriend, Rita Singer. The play is a hit, but there's a problem: after the show, the make-up won't come off! Drake tells Rita, but since he has been so mean to her lately, she just laughs at his problem. Drake desperately retraces his steps, until he finds the bum. The bum now has Drake's handsome face. Drake offers any amount of money to switch faces with him again, but he's too late-- the bum is dead. Drake is now stuck with a Quasimodo-like face for the rest of his life.

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