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Watch Way Out online: Episode 1 William and Mary

William Pearl gets the bad news from his doctor: he only has a month to live. Dr. Landy says he can keep William's brain alive in a glass jar, after his body is dead. William never got along with his wife Mary; he was a cheapskate and was mean to her. When William dies, Mary is at home drinking and dancing. William's brain (and the attached eyeball) are coming home to Mary. But William's days of mistreating his wife are over; now she has the upper hand. To prove her point, she blows some cigarette smoke into the brain jar, making William's eyeball squint. [note: ""William and Mary"" is the name of a famous college-- the names kind of go together.] [trivia: perhaps this episode provided inspiration for the movie ""The Brain That Wouldn't Die"" (1962).]

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