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Watch Way Out online: Episode 13 Soft Focus

Peter Pell is a photographer who has made an amazing discovery: a special chemical that not only retouches photos, but then magically changes the faces of the people in the photos. For example, Peter removes the scars on a portrait of a once-famous actress, making her beautiful again. Peter knows that his wife Louise is having an affair with his assistant Bill Fontaine. So Peter starts working on Louise's photo, using the magic retouching fluid, adding wrinkles until she looks very old. Peter, the whole time, has been working on his own photo, making himself look younger. But one night Louise discovers what he's up to in his studio; she splashes the bottle of the magic retouching fluid on Peter's photo -- erasing half the face on the photo, and half of his face! [A truly scary episode. It seems to draw some inspiration from the classic story: ""The Picture of Dorian Gray"".]

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