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Watch Way Out online: Episode 14 20/20

Harvey Cartwright is a timid little man with a shrew of a wife; he is an encyclopedia salesman. Since he can't see well with his new eyeglasses, he accidentally goes to the wrong address: the Jellifers had not asked about a free trial offer of encyclopedias. Their line is taxidermy, they keep stuffed animals-- like Mahatma, a stuffed viper. At home, nagging wife Stephanie harps that she was better off with her previous husband Stanley, before he died. Harvey only wishes to escape from his awful life-- whether at work or at home, he is miserable. Harvey finds out that his new eyeglasses have magical powers: by putting them on, he is reunited with the Jellifers at their place. The Jellifers tell him their stuffed animals can come back to life and kill people; Harvey offers them money to have Mahatma the viper kill his nagging wife Stephanie at 3:00 a.m. But at 3 o'clock in the morning, it is Stephanie who is wearing the magical eyeglasses. It seems she was friends with the Jellifer

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