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Watch Way Out online: Episode 11 Hush, Hush

Dr. Ernest Lydecker just wants peace and quiet, and prefers to putter around in his laboratory. His nagging wife Bernice is a constant source of noise. Dr. Lydecker decides to make his wife the guinea pig for his latest experiment: using special sound waves, he has made mice and chimps docile, so he tries it out on his wife. It seems to work, Bernice becomes quiet and docile. But there is a side effect; now Bernice cannot stand loud noises. She destroys a ringing phone, a chiming clock, a barking dog, and finally a loud neighbor. Dr. Lydecker figures he must reverse the experiment with an antidote-like sound treatment. But Bernice does not want to revert. She is happy and docile, unless some loud noises irritate her. Dr. Lydecker keeps ordering her, in a loud voice, to get the treatment-- and Bernice destroys anything that irritates her. [a typical ""married couple hate each other"" episode, only here the twist is that the hubby turned his wife into a killer.]

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