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Watch Way Out online: Episode 6 The Croaker

Mr. Rana (latin for ""Frog"") is a strange man who has moved into the neighborhood. He gets pestered by a rascally kid named Jeremy Keeler (think: ""Dennis the Menace"") who does stuff like letting pet dogs loose, so he can get a reward from their owners for their return. Mr. Rana raises frogs, and offers Jeremy 25 cents per jar with flies, so he can feed the frogs; Jeremy balks at first, but after Mr. Rana tells him how much mischievous fun he will have knocking over peoples' garbage cans to collect the flies, Jeremy accepts. Jeremy, meanwhile, sends Mr. Tench over to Rana's house to get his dog back. Mr. Rana slips him a potion that turns Tench into a frog. Next day, Mrs. Tench is filing a missing person's report. Sergeant McGoogin reads his notes, ""Hair color: yellow. Eyes narrow and close together. Weak chin; drools."" He asks, ""Is that your dog or your husband?"" Mrs. Tench quips, ""Both."" Later, a large frog chases Mrs. Tench over to Mr. Rana's place; he slips her a potion, an

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