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What is Casper and Friends about?
Casper is the most famous ghost on earth! But Casper, unlike his ghostly brethren, doesn't like to haunt and scare. He spends his time looking for friends and being friendly. In the original Paramount cartoons he'd often scare the eyeballs out of some unsuspecting grown up, while befriending "Little Billy" or some other small animal. He'd then rescue one of them from a perilous predicament to become a local hero. In the Harvey comics, Casper would explore an enchanted forest, while his peers, The Ghostly Trio, would tease and heckle. Friends like cousin Spooky, Wendy the Good Witch and Nightmare the Ghostly Horse, round out Casper's supporting cast. In 1950, as Casper gained tremendous popularity, Paramount expanded the cartoons into an entire television series. Casper quickly became one of the most celebrated cartoon characters on earth.

Genre: Animation, Children

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