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What is Holiday Showdown about?
In Holiday Showdown two families with polar opposite views of what makes a great family holiday are sent off to swap holidays for one week each together! In week one everyone lives by the rules of Family One; in week two the tables are turned and Family Two takes charge as they both embark on a very different vacation. At the end of the two weeks both families come together for a Holiday Showdown Last Supper to give their full and frank views on their experiences. Whether its a family who enjoy hedonistic clubbing/beach holidays in Cancun, with a Christian family who use their holidays to do charity work in villages in Ghana, or a family of beach-bums who go to the Costa del Sol with a horsey family who go riding in the Sierra Nevada, Holiday Showdown makes for fascinating and entertaining viewing.

Genre: Reality

Season 1 of Holiday Showdown

Season 2 of Holiday Showdown

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Season 5 of Holiday Showdown

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