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Watch Holiday Showdown online: Episode 3 Bristol v Thailand

The home-loving Coates family live on a council estate on the outskirts of Bristol. Step-dad Geoff is an industrial cleaner and wife Lorraine is a housewife. They have two daughters; Mary-Anne (16) and Sammy-Joe (15). The Coates family dont just live in Bristol, its also where they like to holiday. Meaning they never have to leave home and havent done so for the past 17 years. If they do venture out of Bristol its to nearby Weston-Super-Mare, where annual breaks are spent sight seeing, visiting entertainment complexes and riding the local buses. The complete strangers who will be joining them in Bristol are the Wigmore family from Newbury. Theres dad Paul, Mum Sarah, 19 year old Jade and 16 year old Harry. Unlike the Coates family, they like to get as far away from their home town as possible. Traveling the world and experiencing different cultures is the Wigmore families number one priority. But the one country theyve fallen in love with is Thailand. For the Coates and the Wigmores, their holidays couldn't be more different. For the globe trotting Wigmores, sharing another familys home is going to be quite a challenge.

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