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Watch Holiday Showdown online: Episode 5 Blackpool and Kenya

The O'Connors are a lesbian couple from Southend who have three sons from previous relationships. They love their winter holidays in Blackpool - choosing to go out of season to save money. By day it's arcades, ten pin bowling and fish and chips on the sea front. By night they hit the lively gay scene, spending their evenings being entertained by the flamboyant drag queens. In contrast, the Truss family from Bournemouth, like to holiday in style on a luxury safari camp in Kenya. With its fine dining and servants, being treated like kings is the order of the day. The uptight Truss family is less then impressed with the basic accommodation and bleakness of Blackpool in winter. They struggle to cope with spending night after night in the company of drag queens and trannys but, after being won over by their hosts, they finally let their hair down and find their gay groove. The OConnors are initially uncomfortable with being waited on hand and foot in Kenya, and feel that they don't fit in. When they are asked to dress up for dinner, Lisa looses her temper. But the stunning scenery and opportunity to view the wildlife wins them over. Finally Dawn conquers her fear of heights and Lisa puts a stop to her 20 a day smoking habit.

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