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Watch Holiday Showdown online: Episode 2 Egypt And Tenerife

In the second programme of the series a tee-total, Egyptian loving family team up with a partying, patriotic family who love nothing better than a right old booze up in Tenerife. The Wilson family from the Isle of Mann love to holiday in Egypt, and away from other tourists they immerse themselves in the ancient Egyptian culture. There is step dad Tony, mum Joanne, and 15-year-old Terrance. They live their lives with the view to always helping others, and they carry this abroad with them too. They think Egypt is a wonderful place for a holiday because of the warm and friendly Egyptian people, and they return year after year to enjoy the culture and visit the friends they have made. All the fun of going to Egypt is to meet the people, eat the food and enjoy all their customs, says Tony, and that means there wont be a burger or chips in sight. Joanne says going to a foreign country and hitting the booze is an absolute waste of time. Sharing their holiday is the party-loving Kent family from Dover dad Paul, mum Audra and teenagers Tully, 16, and Lucy, 14. They love British food, plenty of drink, bars and clubs, and find the sun-soaked island of Tenerife the perfect holiday experience. And they only eat English food abroad. Tenerife is a home from home for us, everything we love about Britain the fry ups, the roast dinners, the culture is there but with the sunshine, says Audra. In the southern Egyptian city of Luxor, the Kents are shocked by what they see. Away from the resort centre they visit villages and markets deep in the heart of the real Egypt, and the Kents are disgusted by the poverty and general poor conditions that surround them: You really would think youre back in the days of Jesus, says Paul. But its the traditional Egyptian food and no beer to wash it down with that pushes the Kents to breaking point causing a confrontational final breakfast. As tears flow the Wilson family are subjected to a torrent of abuse. The thought of getting up and eating this sh*t for breakfast is making me heave, says Audra. I think its the most stupid place on earth, I think its disease-ridden and skanky. After a tense final day, its time to leave the desert and party on in Tenerife. Paul and Audra are finally able to do things their way, and Paul quickly downs a pint of Guinness in record time. A trip to the local supermarket to stock up on provisions means one thing to Paul Kentalcohol. The sheer amount of booze he buys astounds teetotal Tony Wilson in particular: I dont begrudge anyone having a drink but he has bought enough to sink a battle ship, he says. I think its a recipe for disaster. After yet another night out when Audra and Paul get well and truly merry downing six shots of sambuca in a row, the Wilsons are shocked by their parenting skills when 16-year-old Tully is just as drunk as her mum and dad. The next morning, Tony refuses to carry on with the Kents holiday unless he can confront Paul about his drinking. After the chat, Paul feels that he was unable to defend himself against Tonys comments about him as a parent and heavy drinker, and begins to break down. With the last evening meal ahead, will everyone air their true opinions to each other in a boisterous final showdown?

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