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Watch Holiday Showdown online: Episode 4 San Francisco v Texas

The Richardson family live in rural Lincolnshire in the heart of middle England. They all have a strong military background. Mum Lorraine is in the navy reserves, dad John spent 26 years in the RAF and 16 year old Will and 14 year old Eleanor are both at military boarding school. The Richardsons pride themselves on having a traditional English way of life, well suited to the Texas mindset. And their old fashioned views extend to most aspects of their life. They dont agree with homosexuality and the men and women have very clear roles. Mum Lorraine and Daughter Eleanor cook the dinner, while John, as chief hunter gatherer, sits at the head of the table. The complete strangers who will be joining them in Texas are the liberal Blackwood family from London. Anarchist video artists Paul and Emma are both bisexual but were married to each other a year ago in a pagan ceremony known as broom-jumping. Pauls now step-dad to her three children ten year old Tanzy, 12 year old Joel and 14 year old Natasha. Gender roles dont apply in the Blackwood household and Dad Paul is often seen vacuuming the house in drag. On holiday the Blackwoods visit cities to collect images for their video art. Their favourite destination is San Francisco, the gay capital of America.

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