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Watch Holiday Showdown online: Episode 5 Dollywood v Jamacia

Sue Woodcock is a die-hard Dolly Parton fan who has saved up to take her family to Dollywood in Tennesse a theme park dedicated to the country and western star. Theyre a family of plain eaters, who live on tinned food and boiled potatoes. Rice looks like maggots and ketchup is too spicy. Eka Patterson is passionate about exploring her Jamaican roots and regularly takes her family to visit relatives in the rural parish of St Elizabeth. Food is very important to the Patterson family, and they especially love all things Caribbean. First impressions of Dollywood are a dream for the Woodcocks, but more of a nightmare for the Pattersons. They drag their heels around the Dolly attractions of Tennessee, and when Eka tells Sue shes not enjoying herself, 13 year-old Emma Woodcock jumps to her Mums defense. Feeling a personal slight against her idol, Sue and Ekas relationship quickly goes downhill and, after a row over food, the two families choose to separate for a few hours. Relationships start to improve between the families in Jamaica, but things soon take a nosedive when Eka arranges a party for her partners birthday. The Woodcocks have struggled to cope without decent showers and toilets at their guest house, as well as food they cant stomach, and the loud music and the presence of people smoking cannabis pushes them over the edge. A final confrontation leads to a separation, and when the families reunite for the showdown meal there is no hope of reconciliation.

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