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What is Prisoner: Cell Block H about?
Set behind the bars of the Wentworth Detention Centre, Prisoner: Cell Block H ran for seven years in Australia and has become legendary all over the world for allegedly having wobbly sets, ugly actresses and ridiculous plots. But underneath all that is a damned fine show which dealt with major issues like drug abuse and lesbianism before any other show'd touch them. Check out the guide for episode details of all 692 shows that were aired between 1979 and 1986. (Currently being updated to show original air dates) A POTTED HISTORY OF PRISONER: Prisoner followed the dramas of both prisoners and officers, in and out of the jail. Officer Meg Morris was the only original character to remain at the series' end but the most memorable characters in the show were its three lead inmates for the first four years: tough "Queen" Bea Smith, dopey Doreen and lovable old drunk Lizzie Birdsworth. Other main characters

Actors: Andy Anderson, Sigrid Thornton, Patsy King, Maggie Millar, Louise Siversen, Janet Andrewartha, Maggie Kirkpatrick, Tina Bursill, Judith McGrath, Pepe Trevor, Jude Kuring, Jim Smillie, Fiona Spence, Margaret Laurence, Billie Hammerberg, Christine Amor, Jane Clifton, Ama
Genre: Drama
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Season 1 of Prisoner: Cell Block H

    Episode 83:   

Season 2 of Prisoner: Cell Block H

Season 3 of Prisoner: Cell Block H

Season 4 of Prisoner: Cell Block H

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Season 7 of Prisoner: Cell Block H

Season 8 of Prisoner: Cell Block H

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