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What is The Ultimate Book of Spells about?
Welcome to the Ultimate Book of Spells guide at TV Tome. One of Toon Disney's awesome originals that got cancelled do to unfair reviews and unpopularity. If anyone has any way of telling Michael Eisner how you feel about this show getting cancelled, please do so now. The series follows the adventures of three adolescent kids: Cassy, a third-year junior witch, Gus, a half-elf second-year junior wizard, and Verne, a logical kid who can't grasp the idea of magic. The three heroes must go through underground caverns filled with dangerous creatures in order to find the world's missing magic, of course they have a little help from thier book, friend and loyal magical companion U.B.O.S.

Actors: Jim Byrnes, Kirby Morrow, Pauline Newstone, Nicole Oliver, Saffron Henderson, Patricia Drake, Cathy Weseluck, Ron Halder, Janyse Jaud

Season 1 of The Ultimate Book of Spells

    Episode 21: Elipsed  
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