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What is My Big Decision about?
My Big Decision, a documentary series following five pairs of teenage girls facing similar and potentially life-changing decisions. Separated by age, culture and geography, but sharing the same all-consuming desires the girls go on a very personal journey of self discovery but they're taking their mums and grans with them. Taking a break from everyday life, the six women embark on a five day road trip across the length and breadth of the UK, immersing themselves in the subject matter. From sex and pregnancy to binge drinking and plastic surgery, the teens are set to make a decision that could change the course of their lives. Britain's teenagers are growing up quicker than ever before, and they're making these adult decisions faster than their parents would like. But what if they had to face the reality of their teenage dream? Along the way, the families are introduced to a variety of people and situations that are designed to get the families talking openly and honestly and help inform their decision. Offering help and support throughout the experience, it's the last chance the older women have to persuade the teenagers to really think about making the right choice. From different generations, divided in opinion and disconnected from themselves these families try and find a road that can lead to a future they all agree on. The teens explore whether a baby is the answer in that search for unconditional love, if a boob job might help someone fit in or if peer pressure is a reason to lose your virginity. Ultimately the final decision must be right for each girl. But have the shared experiences had any affect on what they decide?

Genre: Documentary

Season 1 of My Big Decision

    Episode 1: Pregnacy  
    Episode 2: Boob Job  
    Episode 3: Sex  
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