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Watch My Big Decision online: Episode 2 Boob Job

My Big Decision, part of BBC3's The Adult Season, continues with two teenage girls who are determined to have boob jobs and go on a personal journey of self-discovery along with their mums, gran and an aunt. Taking a break from everyday life, the six women embark on a five-day road trip across the UK, immersing themselves in the world of breasts and plastic surgery. Offering help and support throughout the experience, it is the last chance the older women have to persuade the teenagers to think about making the right decision. Thirteen-year-old Kianna has wanted a boob job ever since she can remember and is determined to go to America when she is 16 to have the operation. Since all her friends have begun to develop more quickly than her, Kianna has absolutely no body confidence and feels that she doesn't fit in. Her mum Sharon and aunt Angela delve deeper into the real reasons that mixed race Kianna wants the surgery. 17-year-old Katrina has low self-esteem and hopes plastic surgery will make her feel more confident about her body. She will get the money to pay for the operation when she turns 18, but mum Jules and gran Lola want to persuade Katrina not to go under the knife. Along the way the families are introduced to people and witness experiences that are designed to get the teens talking openly and honestly and help inform their decision at the end of the trip. They meet a surgeon and observe a breast-augmentation procedure, discuss whether fake or real boobs are more beautiful with page three models, and get up close and personal with women who have chosen to have their breasts enlarged. Finally, after five days together, have the shared experiences had any effect on what the girls decide?

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