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Watch My Big Decision online: Episode 6 Revisited

As My Big Decision, part of BBC3s The Adult Season, draws to a close, this final episode takes a look back at the journeys that some of the teenagers went on in a bid to make their big decision. In each episode, two teens took a break from everyday life and, along with their mothers and their grandmothers, embarked on a five day road trip across the UK, immersing themselves in the grown-up world of pregnancy, cosmetic surgery, sex and binge drinking. It was the last chance the older women had to persuade the teenagers to really think about making the right choice. This edition catches up with Chantelle and Lydia, who were both desperate to have a baby; Riah and Shauny, who were thinking about losing their virginity; Kat, Kianna and Sam, who were unhappy with their bodies and wanted to go under the surgeons knife; and Jess, who binge drank 79 units of alcohol every weekend, which led to numerous, unprotected one night stands. The teens relate what they are doing now and what they really thought about the radical road trip they shared with their families. Do they still stand by the decisions they made or have they gone ahead and done the things their mums and grandmothers were trying to persuade them against doing?

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