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Watch My Big Decision online: Episode 4 Binge Drinking

The series following teenage girls facing potentially life-changing decisions introduces 17-year-old Jess, a self-confessed binge drinker. As Jess sets off on a personal journey of discovery, she is not alone - she's taking her mum and gran along with her. Taking a break from everyday life, the three women embark on a five-day road trip across the UK, immersing themselves in the world of alcohol and binge drinking. Offering help and support throughout the experience, it is the last chance mum and gran have to persuade Jess to think about making the right choice. Strong-willed and self-confident when sober, Jess says she is even bolder when drunk, and often consumes up to 100 units of alcohol in a weekend. Mum Jane believes Jess's attitude towards the bottle is concerning, and as a nurse she knows the damage that alcohol causes. However, despite her mum's warnings, Jess is intent on enjoying a boozy youth. Having been sober for years, nan Valerie's stance on drinking and how to enjoy oneself couldn't be further removed from that of her out-of-control granddaughter. Along the way, the family are introduced to people and situations designed to get them talking openly and honestly and to help inform their decision. They meet a consultant liver specialist to examine a healthy and a damaged liver; visit an A&E department; speak to staff and residents of a 'wet hostel' in Leeds; and hear first-hand about the perilous effects of drink driving. After five days on the road, has the experience had any affect on Jess's decision?

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