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Watch My Big Decision online: Episode 3 Sex

As My Big Decision, part of BBC3's The Adult Season, continues, this episode follows two teenage girls who are determined to lose their virginity. Fifteen-year-olds Rhia and Shauny share the same all-consuming desire and go on a journey of self discovery - and they're taking their mums, gran and a family friend with them. The six women embark on a road trip, immersing themselves in the world of sex. Offering help and support throughout the experience, it's the last chance the older women have to persuade the teenagers to really think about making the right choice. Rhia has a close friendship with two boys, but feels pressure from her friends to take things further. Mum Jane and Gran Margaret want Rhia to do what's right for her and come to her own informed decision that's free from peer pressure. Shauny has been in a relationship for four months and although she wants to wait until she turns 16, things often get heated. Mum Debbie wants Shauny to be prepared if things do move forward. Along the way, the families meet people and witness experiences that are designed to get the teens talking openly and honestly and help inform their 'Big Decision' at the end of the trip. The families take part in a sex education workshop, find out what a group of virgin teenage boys think about girls and sex and meet sexpert and ambassador for the Brook Sexual Advisory Service Tracey Cox, who gives them a frank account of what to expect from their first time. They head to Amsterdam to meet a Dutch family with a teenage daughter to discuss their liberated views towards sex and, talk with a sexologist who encourages the mums to open up about their own first time experiences. After five days, have the shared experiences had any affect on what the girls decide?

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