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What is Spider-Woman about?
This animated series was produced by DePatie-Freleng Enterprises, with the character of Spider-Woman being specifically created in order for Marvel Comics to have a female counterpart to Spider-Man before any other comics company thought of the idea. She first appeared in the comic "Marvel Spotlight #32" in February 1977 and was originally intended to actually be a genetically altered spider, having been evolved into human form, named Arachne. This story was changed for her next appearance in "Spider-Woman #1" in April 1978, where it was said that spider powers were granted to Jessica Drew by the character of the High Evolutionary (later a regular character in the Spider-Man Unlimited TV show). For the TV show, only Spider-Woman's real name and powers were kept intact from the comicbook. Everything else about the show's setup was created specifically for the television series. Her origin for the TV show was that as a child she was bitten by a poisonous spider. Her father, Dr. Alexander Drew saved her life by using an untested spider serum that inadvertently gave her spider powers. And now, with Jessica as the head of Justice Magazine, she battles evil as Spider-Woman, with the help of photographer Jeff Hunt, and her nephew Billy Drew. Spider-Man also guest stars in two episodes of the series. The Spider-Woman cartoon should not be confused with Web Woman, a Filmation superheroine cartoon launched at around the same time, which reportedly prompted Marvel Comics into creating a Spider-Woman character to secure the copyright.

Actors: Bruce Miller, Bryan Scott, Lou Krugman, Larry Carroll, Joan Van Ark
Genre: Action and Adventure, Animation, Science-Fiction
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Season 1 of Spider-Woman

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