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Watch Spider Woman online: Episode 7 The Kongo Spider

Deep in the Kongo jungle, the local tribesmen are attacked by a giant spider. Spider-Woman, who had been alerted by her spider sense, travels to the Kongo jungle and rescues the threatened locals from the spider. With everyone safe, she returns to the Justice Magazine building, not knowing that her battle with the giant spider was filmed by C.B. the director, who wants to make a movie starring both Spider-Man and Spider-Woman, and end their careers permanently in the process. Jessica's spider sense again alerts her to the giant spider's current rampage in the Kongo, and she Billy and Jeff go to Africa. Spider-Man too goes to seek out the giant Kongo spider after reading about Spider-Woman's exploits in the Daily Bugle. Jessica and the others are captured by the spider, but Spider-Man shows up to rescue them. Shortly afterwards, Spidey himself is captured and used as bait to lure Spider-Woman into the open. Jessica quickly changes and manages to rescue Spidey, but soon they are both cap

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