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Watch Spider Woman online: Episode 5 The Kingpin Strikes Again

Underneath the First National Bank in New York, the Kingpin and his henchmen tunnel their way into the vault. However, Spider-Woman quickly turns up to stop the Kingpin and his men. She is caught off guard and the Kingpin manages to escape with a million dollars. Jessica decides to devote the next edition of Justice Magazine to the Kingpin, which annoys him greatly. Hew decides to steal a new government-built invisibility ray in order to get revenge on Jessica Drew for writing derogatory remarks about him. Turning himself invisible, he infiltrates the Justice Magazine building and discovers that Jessica is Spider-Woman. She is soon contacted by the Kingpin, who tells her that he knows who she really is. He ambushes Spider-Woman with the help of the ray, and announces on television that Jessica Drew is Spider-Woman. With Spider-Woman still a captive, the Kingpin steals jewels from the International Jewellers Convention. Spider-Woman is left with the task of escaping confinement, saving

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