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Watch Spider Woman online: Episode 2 Realm Of Darkness

On Grand Cayman Island, worshippers of Dormammu the demon, summon him in a mystic ceremony. He tells his followers that he intends to expand his sphere of influence to the whole Earth, by stopping the Moon in its orbit while a total eclipse occurs in two days' time, causing the Earth to be forever covered in darkness. Jessica, Jeff and Billy journey to the island to cover the launch of a new satellite telescope that is to observe the eclipse. The satellite launches on schedule, but Dormammu and his followers take control of all the launch personnel. He orders them to guide the rocket towards the Moon in order to stop it. Jessica, immune to Dormammu's hypnosis, becomes Spider-Woman and disables his cult before the satellite hits the Moon. To stop Spider-Woman from interfering further, Dormammu kidnaps Jeff. Spider-Woman attempts to find out where Jeff has been taken, but is attacked by rock monsters. She defeats the monsters only to end up being trapped along with Jeff in a giant glass

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