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Watch Spider Woman online: Episode 3 The Amazon Adventure

Fort Knox is raided by a group of Amazon warriors, who steal all the gold kept there. News of that, and other thefts by the Amazons reaches Justice Magazine, and Jessica, Jeff and Billy travel in the Justice jet-copter to the Amazon river. There they encounter the Amazon warriors, with Jeff and Billy being taken to their leader, Shanna, and Jessica as Spider-Woman following them to their hidden city of gold. She tries to free Jeff and Billy, but is forced by Shanna to lead her warriors in their final raid. Billy manages to free Jeff while Spider-Woman helps the Amazons to steal more gold for Shanna. When she returns to the hidden city, Shanna tells her that the stolen gold is to be used to construct a solar-powered device to take over the Earth. As Jessica, she disguises herself as one of the Amazons and frees Jeff and Billy. But it is Spider-Woman who is left with the task of stopping the Amazons' fleet and their solar laser.

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