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What is Locked Up Abroad about?
True stories of people who have ended up miles from home, in a foreign land in a situation beyond their worst nightmares. From travelers who fell foul of the law and found themselves behind bars, to an adventurer who strayed too far off the beaten track and found himself hostage, Locked Up Abroad tells their stories.

Genre: Nonfiction

Season 1 of Locked Up Abroad

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    Episode 1: Peru  
    Episode 3: Nepal  
    Episode 4: Colombia  
    Episode 5: Mexico  
    Episode 6: Sydney  
    Episode 8: Thailand  

Season 2 of Locked Up Abroad

    Episode : Mexico  
    Episode : Sydney  
    Episode : Thailand  
    Episode 6: Chechnya  

Season 3 of Locked Up Abroad

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    Episode :   
    Episode : Uganda  
    Episode : Kuwait  
    Episode : Chechnya  
    Episode : India  
    Episode : Pakistan  
    Episode : Lima  
    Episode : Malaysia  
    Episode : Taiwan  
    Episode : Ecuador  
    Episode 1: Cuzco  
    Episode 2: Caracas  
    Episode 5: Brazil  
    Episode 8: Cuba  
    Episode 9: Iraq  
    Episode 13: Jamaica  
    Episode 14: Delhi  

Season 4 of Locked Up Abroad

    Episode : Cuzco  
    Episode : Caracas  
    Episode : Brazil  
    Episode : Indonesia  
    Episode : Cuba  
    Episode : Iraq  
    Episode : Barbados  
    Episode : Jamaica  
    Episode : Delhi  

Season 5 of Locked Up Abroad

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    Episode : Tokyo  
    Episode : Bangkok  
    Episode : Spain  
    Episode : Panama  

Season 6 of Locked Up Abroad

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Season 7 of Locked Up Abroad

Season 8 of Locked Up Abroad

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Season 10 of Locked Up Abroad

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