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What is Naturally, Sadie about?
From the writers behind "Our Hero" and "Flash Forward" comes "Naturally, Sadie". Sadie Hawthorne is a 14 yr. old high school student and an aspiring naturalist who loves to study and observe animals and their behavior in their natural environment. Her desire to study and observe is not limited to animals as she attempts to analyze human beings the same way. Sadie soon discovers that this is difficult because behaviorally, we are all unpredictable.

Actors: Justin Bradley, Jasmine Richards, Mandy Butcher, Michael D'Ascenzo, Mallory Margel, Richard Clarkin, Collette Micks, Charlotte Arnold
Genre: Children

Season 1 of Naturally, Sadie

    Episode : Quiz Show  
    Episode : Surprise!  
    Episode 14: TBA  

Season 2 of Naturally, Sadie

    Episode : Rashômon  
    Episode 5: Election  
    Episode 13: Rashmon  

Season 3 of Naturally, Sadie

    Episode : The Trial  
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