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What is War of the Worlds about?
They never left! In 1953, Earth experienced a War of the Worlds. Common bacteria stopped the aliens, but it didn't kill them. Instead, the aliens lapsed into a state of deep hibernation. Now the aliens have been resurrected, more terrifying than before. In 1953, aliens started taking over the world. Today, they're taking over our bodies! They're We're Alive! This time, the aliens are ready...

Actors: Adrian Paul, Lynda Mason Green, Jared Martin, Richard Chaves, Philip Akin
Genre: Action and Adventure, Drama, Science-Fiction
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    Episode 1:   
    Episode 2:   

Season 1 of War of the Worlds

Season 2 of War of the Worlds

    Episode 3: Doomsday  
    Episode 18: Max  
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